Memory is a handy pouch we use to keep our experiences safe until we can pull them out later for examination. But early-onset Alzheimer’s chipped away at Rusty’s memories as well as her sharp intellect and keen wit for the last decade of her life. It made no dent in her strength and courage, though, as she faced the incredible challenges of her husband’s stroke, her son’s death, and her own decline.
    Rusty remained a force of nature and the glue that held her family together even as she approached the hour of her own death. This book is an affectionate and gritty account of the author’s efforts to care for her mother. In it she explores how their relationship was sustained in spite of the plaques and tangles strangling the life from Rusty’s vital neurons. It’s a story of survival, of human resiliency, and most of all, it’s a love story.
     Anyone caring for elderly parents or confronting end-of-life matters will want to read this mother-daughter story.  And when you’ve read it, you may sympathize with the author, but you will root for Rusty.

Miracles All Around Me

The Unexpected Gifts of My Mother's Alzheimer's