Based on a true story, The Polished Moon follows the exploits of First Lieutenant Dorothy Chinnis who served as a WWII Army Nurse Corps surgical nurse in three European countries. Dot was twenty-one years old when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. After graduating from nursing school in Charleston, South Carolina, Dot volunteered for overseas duty. She said goodbye to her home, her family, and her sweetheart, Jack Light, an intelligence officer with the 100th Infantry Division. Global events placed 5000 miles and the Atlantic Ocean between them, but by a quirk of fate they met again in France.

In her diary, Dot chronicled her days as she patched brave soldiers fighting abroad. She ate camel stew in North Africa, witnessed the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, and ducked for cover as Germans bombed her hospital in France. For her, life and death and love and romance, played against the backdrop of war.

The war touched every soul on earth. This inspiring story profiles the bravery of one of those souls.

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